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Southern Europe

Experience the Mediterranean way of life! Slow down and relax, hold a siesta whenever you please and be carried away by tasty culinary delights and excellent wine. Enjoy the sun, the warm temperature, the gentle and sweet smelling air which is absolutely perfect for a bicycle adventure. The history of these countries will captivate you, just like a Hollywood blockbuster.

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Camino de Santiago – The St. James Way

Spain, 9 Days

This pilgrim’s path has been travelled by many of seeker from all over the world. It indeed takes us into its spell as it leads us through a stunning and magnificent landscape.

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Istria - the green paradise of the Adriatic Sea

Croatia, 8 Days

This is a must for every cyclist not only because of 320 sunny days and the Mediterranean cuisine, but also for the terrific beauty of this area.

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Pueblos Blancos of Andalusia

Spain, 9 Days

Famous for its monumental, versatile landscape and more than 3000 hours of sun per year.

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The heart of southern France

France, 11 Days

Countless sanctuaries in a wild and preserved environment!

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Through southern Tuscany

Italy, 8 Days

An E-bike journey of delight through a magical Italy.

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