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Why do an E-Bike Tour with Edelweiss?

Our E-Bike Tours offer plenty of variety. We collected 8 reasons to show you how unforgettable an Edelweiss E-Bike trip truly is!


that are unique just as you are. Experienced and refined by our Tour guides. Expect the unexpected, as you are guided to stunningly beautiful places you will never forget.


that are well educated, friendly and carry the most contagious smile in the world. They are ready to fulfil any and all of your wishes.


that are carefully selected and simply delightful. Sometimes they are traditional and sometimes modern. In any case, they are personal, exquisite and worth to relax in.


to be explored on the deepest level possible. That is one of our goals. We arrange meetings with locals, who give us first hand insight into their homeland’s history.


are a matter of thorough tour planning and service. In order for you to relax and switch off during your holiday, we take care of your luggage. An accompanying vehicle is always near-by, carrying spare batteries and technical equipment.


is an important part of every culture. We love to explore local markets and visit selected restaurant, diving into fresh, local culinary delights and beverages.


are guaranteed through the use of E-Bikes. You decide the support from the engine and thus determine your personal speed. After all, you want to actively relax on your vacation. And should you feel tired, you always have the opportunity to ride in the accompanying vehicle.


your fellow travellers, share a hearty laugh, enjoy food and wine, the adventure and wonderful moments being part of a special group. This is an essential part of any Edelweiss journey.

Edelweiss Bike Travel