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Central Europe

Central Europe forms the heart of Europe with a compilation of very unique and interesting countries. It is a melting pot of impressive nature and versatile cultures. In just a few days you can cycle from the picturesque foothills of the Alps down to the Mediterranean Lake Garda. It may only be a short distance, but do believe me, there are worlds in-between. We invite you to travel and discover this part of Europe with its incredible diversity and hospitality throughout.

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Along the Via Claudia Augusta

Austria   |  Italy, 9 Days

A tour of the opposites: mountains, rivers, lovely vineyards and the Mediterranean flair of Lake Garda are combined with historical sites along the 2000 year old Roman road.

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The Austrian Lake district - Salzkammergut

Austria, 8 Days

Through scenic lake landscapes we ride on the paths of the Habsburg monarchy.

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