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TO EXPLORE THE WORLD... We do it out of conviction that there is no better and noninvasive way to explore nature and meet people. We stop where we want to stop or move on to explore nature as we pass by. The fragrance of woods and meadows awakens our senses and we truly feel in harmony and part of the environment we travel through.

Our new 2024 e-bike travel program is here!

With the constant aim of providing you with unforgettable experiences on two wheels, we continue to grow – and surpass ourselves! For the 2024 season, we have not only improved our established tours, but we also want to surprise you with a new adventure: Starting now, an enchanting e-bike tour along the captivating Dalmatian coast awaits you: From Zadar to Dubrovnik, our new route guides you through picturesque coastal towns, past crystal-clear waters, and the charming islands of Croatia. Get ready for an unparalleled journey full of beauty and adventure! Or perhaps you prefer going somewhere else? Experience the majestic peaks of the Norwegian mountain landscape, enjoy the lush forests and shimmering lakes of the Salzburg region, discover the diversity of nature that South Africa holds. Marvel at the bustling activity in the vibrant cities of Japan or explore the historically rich cities of Italy, where time seems to have stood still. We for sure have the perfect e-bike tour for you!

Enjoy browsing through our program!

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Our goal is to actively and sustainably enjoy life and explore the most beautiful spots on this earth. For that our chosen mode of transportation is the E-Bike. Never before has cycling been as much fun, as with the continuous support of an engine.

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