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Belgium & Netherlands – Bicycle paradise 8NB

Belgium   |  Netherlands


The Netherlands and Belgium are considered the most bicycle-friendly countries in the world. Nowhere is the network of bike paths denser, nowhere is the infrastructure better.

On this tour, we ride along the North Sea coast to Bruges and inland back to Amsterdam, taking in many beautiful bike paths along the way. We visit beautiful cities, romantic castles, and pretty little villages full of friendly people and culinary temptations.

Start/Finish: Leiden // Amsterdam
Nearest airport: Amsterdam
Duration: 10 days vacation, 8 riding days
Route: safe and well-maintained cycle paths
Accommodations: charming, carefully selected hotels
Rest day: Brugge (Bruges)
Highlights: Endless North Sea Beaches, Famous Cities like Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp, Wonderfully developed bike paths along rivers and canals, Port of Rotterdam, Gouda, Willemstad
Minimum number of participants: 8
Please note paragraph 6.4. a) of our terms and conditions of travel to find out more about the cancellation of tour through Edelweiss Bike Travel when the minimum number of participants is not reached - Terms and Conditions

Prices start at $ 3.960,-

per person

Included services
10 days vacation
8 day riding route

DAY 1: Arrival in Leiden
Welcome to the North Sea! At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the tour guides welcome their group at the starting hotel in Leiden.
DAY 2: Leiden - Maassluis
We start our tour in Leiden, Rembrandt's hometown, which bears much resemblance to Amsterdam with its canals and rows of classical houses. The area is densely populated, but in Holland there is always a well-maintained bike path for cyclists that runs idyllically along some canal or river. We pass through The Hague and soon reach the river Nieuwe Maas, which is actually one of the many branches in the river delta of the Rhine.
DAY 3: Maassluis - Cadzand
Island hopping is on our agenda today! Over several bridges and dams we go from one peninsula or island to the next, even a ferry ride is planned. Many stretches of coastline here are surprisingly unspoiled and protected, the air is clear and there is always a pleasant breeze blowing in from the North Sea. The Netherlands is THE cycling country par excellence and anyone who rides here will understand why.
DAY 4: Cadzand - Brugge (Bruges)
Bruges is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and because it is not far away, we have plenty of time for sightseeing. The entire city center of Bruges, which has never been damaged in wars or major fires, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and can even be explored by boat thanks to the many canals. What a fantastic city!
DAY 5: Brugge (Bruges)
DAY 6: Brugge (Bruges) - Ghent
Bruges and Ghent are connected by a canal, along which you can leisurely cruise. There are also many beautiful castles and man- or houses here, as well as charming cafes and lots of wide-open countryside. Ghent is a city full of sights, so we don't want to arrive too late here.
DAY 7: Ghent - Antwerp
As in the Netherlands, there is hardly a river or canal in Belgium that does not have a bike path running along it. The Scheldt is no exception, it connects Ghent and Antwerp in wide bends and features dikes over long stretches. Often the bike path runs on these dikes, and we can enjoy the beauty of the landscape unhindered. Again and again, we pass castles, churches and pretty villages and then dive into the greater Antwerp area. In the world capital of the diamond trade and the former most important trading metropolis in Europe, there is of course much to see!
DAY 8: Antwerp - Dordrecht
Today, a long day of riding takes us back to the Netherlands, right into the middle of the widely branching estuary delta of the Rhine. The landscape here seems to consist only of waters of all kinds, and there is a national park that protects a piece of original floodplain landscape at the confluence of the Waal and Maas rivers. The ancient town of Dordrecht, our destination, seems to be built right on the water and offers a lot of charm. You'll want to spend more time here - and so we do.
DAY 9: Dordrecht - Amsterdam
Today is all about cheese, because on our way to Amsterdam we pass through Gouda. The cheese of the same name has been produced around the city for over 800 years and can be sampled everywhere, and Gouda also has a charming old town. Along the Amstel River, which also gave its name to the famous beer, we then roll into Amsterdam. This unique city will immediately captivate you!
DAY 10: Departure from Amsterdam
After a hearty breakfast, you will start your relaxed journey home. Or stay a little longer in Amsterdam. A few days in this great city cannot be recommended enough!

Prices start at $ 3.960,-

per person

Included services

Tour prices 2024

Included services

Price for rider in double room
Own Bike
$ 3.960,-
Riese & Müller Charger
Riese & Müller Charger Mixte
Riese & Müller Homage
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$ 4.290,-
Single room supplement$ 730,-

Tour prices 2025

Included services

Price for rider in double room
Own Bike
$ 3.960,- *
Riese & Müller Charger
Riese & Müller Charger Mixte
Riese & Müller Homage
Riese & Müller NEVO
$ 4.290,- *
Single room supplement$ 730,- *
* Please note the dates and tour prices for 2025 not being confirmed yet. The shown figures are preliminary and subject to change. If the final tour price in 2025 includes an increase of more than 5% compared to the previous year´s tour price, you can cancel your booked participation free of charge until October 31, 2024.

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