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7 good reasons for an e-bike trip

Wednesday, August 1, 2018 | Christiane Koppelstätter | Edelweiss Bicycle Tours

They are silent, eco-friendly, have full power and guarantee a lot of riding fun: e-bikes. Already invented before 1990, the modern bicycles with built-in electric engine only caught on some years ago as an alternative to the traditional bicycle and are now taking the hearts of many outdoor fans of every age group by storm. We collected 7 good reasons for you why an e-bike trip is definitely worth it! 

1. Eco-friendly riding pleasure

E-Bikes are not only unbelievably modern, but also absolutely clean! When riding an e-bike only approximately 6 grams of CO2 are emitted. For your comparison: A small car produces 110 grams of CO2. So riding an electric bicycle means saving the environment, being eco-friendly and especially riding silently!

2. Pure relaxation

Discover the world gently and silently with an e-bike: The support of the electric motor makes it possible and provides peace and relaxation – for you and the environment!

3. Experiencing mother nature's wonders

When you ride an e-bike, you have a clear advantage over cars and other gas- or diesel-operated vehicles: The world of nature is there for you to explore. On beautiful bicycle roads, in the middle of the forest and over hill and dale – you will be amazed what wonders mother nature has to offer!

4. Riding a bicycle keeps you fit

No matter if riding in steep or flat terrain, on asphalt or in the forest: With an e-bike, every kind of exercise in the fresh air is fun an keeps fit and healthy! However, if you think e-bikes are only for the unsporty and comfortable, then you are wrong, because you will only move forward if you push the pedals yourself. But no worries in case you get tired: With the power of the electric engine the wind always blows from the right direction for you and supports you while riding!

5. Suitable for every level

Finally riding together with your partner? Doing some sports after an injury? Riding longer distances? Or just increasing the own well-being? No matter what physical preconditions and claims you may have – a trip with an e-bike is adaptable to every performance level: The electric engine settles all differences and makes the tour an experience you will never forget.

6. It saves you money

Electric bicycles are not only much cheaper to purchase than cars. Get on the e-bike and save the costs for fuel, parking fees and especially a lot of your precious nerves! In this way you can concentrate on what really counts: Enjoying the ride and the fresh air!

7. It's fun, fun fun!

Try sitting on an e-bike, riding and not grinning like a Cheshire cat! Riding an e-bike is just unbelievably fun! The electric engine supports the rider also with more difficult stretches, in this way you can move carelessly and discover the world gently and in your own pace. And let's be honest: Passing by other riders with a smile on your face is pretty cool! Try it – you will surely not regret it!

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