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8OK - Istria, the green paradise

Montag, 18. Juni 2018 | Johanna Reiser / Laurens Corijn | Edelweiss Bicycle Tours

We all arrived safe and sound back in Opatija!!!
Proud we can talk about steep mountains, rough roads, heartfilling views, mouthwatering dishes and wellearned swimming in the mediterranian sea. Show some scratches and bruises, suntanned knees and many, many fotos. Thanks for the company we shared -hope to meet you all again soon discovering further cycle (an uncycable!) paths!

Day 7: Labin - Opatija

Robert: "my favorite hill: DOWNHILL!" and whooooooosh -gone
Last tourday: Labin-Opatija

Day 6: Pula - Labin

Excellent dinner for tough riders
View from Labin to Rabac
THE best picnic place there is!
On the road from Pula to Labin
Last safety instructions

Day 5: Rovinj - Pula & Kap Kameniak

Cape Kameniak

Day 4: Porec - Rovinj

Coffee stop
Limski Fjord
A clever deer which knew whom of is is a vegatarian and who not

Day 3: Buzet - Porec

Porec in the early morning: like finally being alone in Venice
Unesco-worldheritage St. Euphrasius
On the old Pranzana railway: finally smooth left-and-right instead of up-and-down
Tourguides ALWAYS tell the truth!
There is not such a thing like closed roads!
Thanks to our PPP (personal professional photographer) for such artworks!
Apart from Ralf no one was scared by this dead pet
A wooden cannon?!
Streching for the upcoming day
Early wakeup above the clouds

Day 2: Opatija - Buzet

The terrace outside the hotel in Buzet.
Laurens' opinion about the combination of Truffles and icecream
Robert with his second serving of Truffles icecream
Buzet streets.
Happiness at the Hotel in Buzet
Turbo Ralf!
Butterfly break...
Lunch at remote, quite places
Croatian flower power in the frontgardes
Right into the shady green paradise!
Inauguration of the E-Bikes

Day 1: Briefing & intro

Lynne and Robert not getting distracted by the amazing panorama
Welcome briefing: Laurens talking about the many hands Craotia has been in.


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Lynne Echard
Sonntag, 22. Juli 2018 um 18:02

We had a great trip, really enjoyed it!

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