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8SZ - The Austrian Lake District - the inauguration

Montag, 17. Juli 2017 | Ursula Peter / Lukas Schiebe | Edelweiss Bicycle Tours

We have to say good bye to the tough girls and boys. We hope you enjoyed it and of course it would be a pleasure seeing you again.  You`ve been a fun group.

Thanks for everything

Ursula & Lukas

Edelweiss opened up a new adventure on 2 wheels - E-Bicycle Tours. Our first one - the Austrian Lake District - is about to start. Stay tuned...

Day 7: Bad Vigaun - Salzburg

Salt, the white gold, formed the area since centuries. The saltmine of Hallein is our highlight in the morning. Visit Hallein is a must. One of the most famous Christmas Carols was born in this lovely city.  We pedal along the river Salzach towards Salzburg. What a wonderful trail directly on the river. Before we reach Mozart`s birthplace castle Hellbrunn invites us. Hellbrunn`s tricky fountain is famous and the castle as well as the garden was filmset for "Sound of Music". 

we have to say good bye to Bad Vigaun and the Brunnauer familiy which hosted us for 2 days in their lovely hotel. A nice Spa, good food, a very special breakfast buffet with eggs from the chicken behind the hotel and last not least quiet rooms, spoilt us the last 2 days. 

Dürrnberg and the oldest saltmine in the world was our morning destination. 

we went deep into the mountain by train....

...and everybody listened carefully to the explanations of the guide

juhuuu - down it goes

Lukas left and on the right an example how you look like after beeing 10 years tourguide

on the salt lake

and another slide, even longer

An unspectacular spot for a very spectacular occurrence. Hallein was home of Franz Xaver Gruber (1787-1863) who, together with Joseph Mohr, composed the carol „Silent Night“.  Mohr penned the poem in 1816 and Gruber, a schoolteacher at the time, came up with the melody on his guitar. The museum tells the story oft he carol through documents and personal belongings. F.X. Gruber died in 1863 and his grave is still in front of his former domicilie today.

Gaby and Sahra are doing some sportiv exercises in the park of castle Hellbrunn
Just to show we are not made of sugar we went to an view point over Salzburg instead of arriving to the Hotel dry. So that we didn´t carry the rain gear for nothing

to say good bye is always a bit sad. Tamara did the final speech for the group.

Day 6: Bad Vigaun

Eisriesenwelten, billed as the world`s largest accessible ice caves are our destination. Concealed within the Tennengebirge mountain range is a system of caves over 40 km length containing a unique natural phenomenon. We absolutely needed to bring warm gear, boots, caps, gloves.

The castle Hohenwerfen is just around the corner and has an impressing falconry. But to do both, was a bit of a challenge time wise, but we managed it. 

We arrived in Werfen and had the first views on this amazing castle

Up there is the entrance to the cave

the girls entering this big refridgerator

taking pictures is not allowed, normally

some impressions from inside the cave

a big shark mouth

a dolphin?

Always lucky! Coming out of the cave the clouds disappear slowly and we get an spectacluar view on 1600 meters

outside in the warmth again we had a bit bite, because the next highlight was waiting already

is Sarah selling toilet paper?

Visitors experience a high-altitude encounter with the past at Hohenwerfen Fortress, a castle dating back over 900 years. This tall, jutting rock, high above the Salzachtal valley floor, offers a gusty view of the surrounding mountains

we are ready for the falcon show

Happy guide happy group

An unforgettable highlight: spectacular flight demonstrations by the historic State Falconry Center, primarily showing indigenous raptors in free flight.

amazing birds

Day 5: Gosau - Bad Vigaun

Did you have a good breakfast? Hopefully! The day started with an ascent up to pass Gschütt. Turbo mode is needed! Majestic views to the Dachstein mountain range was our reward. Along the river Lammer we reached Voglau. An up again it goes! All`s right with the world up there: cow bells ringing, birds are singing, lonely farmhouses along the way, blooming meadows. Up and up it goes, turbo mode again. Beautiful views down into the valley and the Tennen mountain range. On top we put your windbreakers on, because we kind of flew down the next 10 km to Bad Vigaun. We are early in our hotel. After a shower and a break the Edelweiss shuttle brings us up to "Eagles nest", Hitlers summer residence, in an absolute spectacular location. 

briefing time!!! We have to say good bye to Rainer and hello to Stephan

Stephan happy on his first kilometers
A taff morning going up to almost 1000 meters


high up it goes and the Dachstein range always in the back


Ursula and Sahra with the Dachstein behind them


Gaby, now without Rainer but happy anyway

if you knew where to look, you could see the "Eagles nest"

a spectacular view from a spectacular road up to "Eagle`s nest" - the Königssee

Drucie and Sarah and the Königssee in the middle

finally we got it - Marillenknödel - apricot dumplings. Now we are missing Apfelstrudel and Kaiserschmarren. There will be a chance tomorrow

Day 4: Gmunden - Gosau

Today we heading south. We pedalled along the river Traun to Bad Ischl. The town is well known for the Kaiservilla, summer residence of the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef I. and his wife Elisabeth, better known at her nickname „Sissy“. Cafe Zauner at the riverside is a must, to try at least a Sachertorte or one of the other famous Austrian sweeties, like „Zaunerstollen“.  In the afternoon we rode towards Hallstätter See. The Hallstätter See is one of the prettiest of the region. The cycling trail is chisseled into the rock and so close to the water that you nearly get wet feet. The whole area became a Unesco World Heritage site in 1997.Hallstatt is embedded in towering mountains. Salt in the hills above the town have made it a centre of salt mining. The skull house is absolutely worth seeing. If you open your eyes you will discover some stories from the old days. 

another nice day starts

waiting for the ferry

briefing at the ferry with the Rockie


there is always something to laugh

the girls coming from the "Kaiservilla"

the excess starts at the Zauner coffee place

this hedgehogs look scared - they know we gonna eat them soon


Gaby and Marlene 

Hallstätter See

The Hallstatt Charnel House existed since the 12th century. 1200 skulls are there, 610 of these are painted and arranged according to family names and are marked with the date of death. As the graveyard was very small, and space was very restricted with no room to extend, the graves were opended again 10 -20 years after the burial. The skulls were removed, cleaned and bleached by the sun and moon for some weeks, until the skulls took on a mild ivory colour. 

"You are where I once was, I am where you will one day be"

Hallstatt - since a Chinese copied the city of Hallstatt in China 600.000 Asians coming every year

some impression of Hallstatt

The girls couldn`t get enough. At the hotel we changed batteries and went on  a detour to Gosausee. Humboldt said it is the most beautiful one on this planet (and maybe he was right) framed by the Dachstein glacier, appr. 7000 ft.high.

Day 3: Fuschl - Gmunden

The batteries are charged – lets go! The day started with an enjoyable ferry ride to St. Wolfgang, which offers different views of the lake and the landscape around. We can`t leave the Wolfgangsee without having a closer look to the charming town of St. Wolfgang.  Back to our bicycles we`peddled along the Wolfgangsee and on a small cycling trail along the river Ischl. We climbed up the Weißenbach Valley and on the other side we rolled down towards the Attersee, the largest lake in Salzkammergut and the less visted one.  Gmunden, located at Traunsee, Austria`s deepest lake, is our destination for tonight.  

The ferry ride to Sankt Wolfgang
Ursula prepaired a wonderful picnic on the river side in the Weißenbachtal


directly on the river Weissenbach

Fotostop on the shore of Attersee
The most important thing on the bike is a pig

Attersee - beautiful and less tourism

The entire group

Tourguide Lukas was to fast for the camera

The last kilometers of the day along the shore of Traunsee

at our hotel directly on the Traunsee

The beautiful view from our Hotel on the Traunsee lake to the right...
and to the left

2. Day: Salzburg - Fuschl

After breakfast we leave lovely Salzburg. We hop on the train for about 20 km to escape city traffic. Your bicycles will wait for you in Seekirchen at Wallersee. The German word for lake is „See“, and we will have lots of them today. One lake after the other – Grabensee, Mattsee, Mondsee, Irrsee. Leisure cycling trails along the lake shore will give you a clue what is waiting for you the next days.

everybody is a bit exciting

Sarah and her special shirt

first stop - Obertrumer See

Tonis Bauernschänke - delicious local food

Irsee - the next beautiful lake on the list

Gaby and Marlene

the guys on the carriage had already quite a bit of wine and talked to the ladies in strongest Austrian dialect

If you are allergic to the film „Sound of Music“ there is just one piece of advice: skip town.

The Parish Church form the 15th century with its yellow baroque facade was the highly emotional place for the Trapp wedding in the movie.



after a serious ascent which the girls managed easily, we had a wonderful view down to Lake Fuschl!

We made it - 80 km and 1.100 m in altitude today

1. Day: Arrival in Salzburg

Edelweiss opened up a new adventure on 2 wheels - E-Bicycle Tours. Our first one - the Austrian Lake District - is about to start. 

waiting for the guests in our lovely hotel downtown Salzburg

everything prepared for the welcome briefing

the Colorado girls are ready to go and....

are listening carefully to Lukas` introduction of the bicycles

our CEO Rainer Buck is also on the tour

Salzburg has to offer enough sights to fill a week. Mozart's birthplace, the dome, fortress Hohensalzburg and Mirabell Palace are just some of them. Many scenes of the Sound of Music were shot here, you can even join a tour that points out all the sights. The famous Getreidegasse is home to many shops, where you can (and will) find all the souvenirs you need for those that had to stay at home.

after welcome briefing and handover of the bicycles we took them to a guided city walk through town

Marlene and Gaby make the group complete

Drucie and the Hohensalzburg fortress in the background

famous Getreidegasse

Mozart`s birthplace

Marlene and Klaus (he is the only one which is not on an E-Bike, shame on you )

Konditorrei Fürst - inventor of the Mozart "balls"

the graves of the cementary St. Peter are mini art works

last not least we had dinner in the oldest restaurant in town and of course we had to try "Salzburger Nockerln"



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Chad Feldheimer
Donnerstag, 13. Juli 2017 um 15:06

What a great looking trip. Beautiful pictures. I can tell you aren't using Schwinns.
Freitag, 21. Juli 2017 um 15:31

Hardly. We rode the best bikes ever, Riese-Muller!
Donnerstag, 13. Juli 2017 um 08:44

Hallo Ursel, Gaby, Marlene und Lukas,
das schaugt ja super aus... traumhaftes Wetter
Viel Spass Euch beim Radln.
Ganz liebe Grüße
Ursula Peter
Donnerstag, 13. Juli 2017 um 19:28

Hi Claudia,,
4 cool girls from Colorado, Gaby and Marlene, Stefan and Lukas - quite a good team. And these girls are in an awesome shape. Hopefully see you soon
Baci Ursula
Sarah Patterson
Donnerstag, 20. Juli 2017 um 04:47

I am slowly getting over my cold and cough and coming back to life! I have to say this was one of the best bike trips that I have ever been on. Many thanks to the best guides on the planet and the best trip coordinator, Stephan. You made this a great holiday for me. The Pig will be back!

Ursula ..... I will always think of you while properly pouring a wheat beer!

Ursula Peter
Donnerstag, 20. Juli 2017 um 17:39

Hi Sarah,
I am happy that you got rid of your cold. It was a pleasure for us guiding you. I am sure we`ll see each other again. Enjoy your wheat bear. After the next tour you will be an expert .
Big hug
Donnerstag, 13. Juli 2017 um 23:22

You are an awesome guide, Ursel! We are having the time of our lives on this e-bike trip!
Thanks Edwlweiss Team!
Sonntag, 9. Juli 2017 um 23:44

Be careful Pig-pork is a delicacy
John Patterson
Sonntag, 9. Juli 2017 um 20:49

I sent my wife (Sarah - Miss Piggy) on this ebike trip with Edelweiss so she could tell me how it was. Looks like her group is having such a good time i think i should have gone with her on this trip instead of waiting till next year, I am so jealous!

Have a great trip, i'll be escorting her next year so I don't miss out on anything like I did this time.

The ebikes are such a great idea for this type of tour - good job Edelweiss!

P.S. I loved my previous trip on motorcycles with Edelweiss (Ultimate Alps Tour) was just spectacular! Now I guess i'll have to give this ebike tour a try.
Ursula Peter
Sonntag, 9. Juli 2017 um 22:07

Hi John,
I can`t keep the "piggy" in line
Hope we`ll see you next time

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