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Telemark – wild and beautiful 8TE


A paradise province which embodies the landscape and culture of entire Norway in a nutshell

Mystic fjords, solitary villages, birch forests, high mountains, waterfalls, glaciers, green valleys – this is the wild Telemark. This is also the reason why the Telemark is called “Norway en miniature”. Moreover, it is known as the cradle of ski sports and there’s a lot to discover:

The Norwegian cuisine is simple and characterized by the traditional diet of fishermen and farmers, the Norwegians are humble, even though you won’t find more Nobel prize laureates in literature than here and the Norwegian architecture with its mix of tradition and modern art is simply great. And is there any better way to discover new land than on a bicycle?
We don’t think so! Get on your bike now and immerse in a completely new adventure on 2 wheels!

Start/Finish: Oslo / Bergen
Nearest airport: Oslo / Bergen
Duration: 8 nights
Route: safe and well-maintained cycle paths, forest roads and roads
Accommodations: charming and carefully selected hotels
Highlights: Kongsberg, Bergwerksmuseum, Heddal Stavkirke, Vrådal Church, Eidsborg Stabs Church, Vest Telemark Museum, Telemark Canal, Stab Church Røldal, Goat Cheese Producer, Folgefonn Glaciers, Baronie Rosendal- the smallest castle in Scandinavia
Minimum number of participants: 8
Please note paragraph 4.2. a) of our terms and conditions of travel to find out more about the cancellation of tour through Edelweiss Bike Travel when the minimum number of participants is not reached - Terms and Conditions

Prices start at $ 3.850,-

per person

Included services
9 days vacation
7 day riding route

DAY 1: Arrival in Oslo
Your adventure begins with our Welcome Briefing in the hotel at 4 pm where you can meet the group.
DAY 2: Oslo - Bø
We escape the traffic of the capital by train and start our exploration. Kongsberg is first on our list. It is a place of fortune and money, where the kingdom’s hard money is coined. It is also a place rich with silver mines, at least so it was in the past. As we journey further to the east of Telemark, we arrive in Notodden. Here we are awaited by Heddal Stavkirke, which according to the legend was built by troll Finn in 3 days.
DAY 3: Bø - Vrådal
Our journey through the Telemark region begins: high mountains, fertile valleys with secluded villages, coniferous and birch forests, lakes, rivers and waterfalls will keep us awestruck. Far beyond the boundaries of the Telemark this region is well-known for its incredible ski resorts.
DAY 4: Vrådal - Dalen
As we journey even further into the remoteness of Telemark, we are surrounded by a wild and surreal looking landscape. A magnificent backdrop for the Stave church of Eidsborg. It is not visited by many tourists, but a real hidden treasure.
DAY 5: Dalen - Edland
We now continue our journey through a very romantic and scenic valley, passing by pristine lakes with snow-capped mountains and glaciers as a backdrop. This is where many of the well-known winter sport resorts are located.
DAY 6: Edland - Røldal
Røldal is known for 2 very different reasons. Firstly, it is the rather unimpressive Stave church of Røldal, which was built in the 13th century. The legend says that pilgrims used to travel all the way to this church to receive blessings and healing from the sweat of Jesus Christ, miraculously appearing every night on the crucifix’s forehead. Of course science discovered that it was not sacred sweat but simply condensation. Nevertheless, blessings are still to be received from this place. Røldal is also known and loved for its very tasty and unique goat’s cheese. We invite you to explore the Røldal dairy farm.
DAY 7: Røldal - Rosendal
From Røldal we continue our journey per bike. With our E-Bikes it is easy to cycle up the road towards Odda. Turn by turn, altogether 16, we will cycle up to the summit where we are met with the most monumental views over the Norwegian countryside. Right in front of us we see the ice masses of the Folgefonn glacier. This is also the direction we are headed. A shuttle bus will carry us safely underneath the glacier to Kvinnherad. Kvinnherad is a peninsula featuring steep fjords, scenic meadows and gushing waterfalls. Here are the largest stag swirls in the country.
DAY 8: Rosendal - Bergen
We are nearing the end of our adventure. As we travel towards Bergen it seems as though time has stopped a long time ago. Picturesque and colourful little villages fill the sideways of the road we travel. As our view glides into the distance we are stunned by the beauty of the mighty Norwegian mountains. One of the many attractions of this area is the smallest castle of Scandinavia, the„Baronie Rosendal“. The castle is nestled in a large park designed according to strict Renaissance regulations. The perfect place to relax after a day’s cycling.
DAY 9: Departure from Bergen
Let’s enjoy our final breakfast together and then set off on our journey homeward.

Prices start at $ 3.850,-

per person

Included services

Tour prices 2022

Included services

Price for rider in double room
Own Bike
$ 3.850,-
Riese & Müller Charger
Riese & Müller Charger Mixte
Riese & Müller NEVO
$ 4.220,-
Single room supplement$ 580,-

Tour prices 2023

Included services

Price for rider in double room
Own Bike
$ 3.850,- *
Riese & Müller Charger
Riese & Müller Charger Mixte
Riese & Müller NEVO
$ 4.220,- *
Single room supplement$ 580,- *
* Please note the dates and tour prices for 2023 not being confirmed yet. The shown figures are preliminary and subject to change. If the final tour price in 2023 includes an increase of more than 5% compared to the previous year´s tour price, you can cancel your booked participation free of charge until October 31, 2022.

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