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Fascinating Japan - In the Country of the Rising Sun 8JA


A cultural journey through the country of rising sun.

Japan, the ancient, mysterious, mystical empire, is the setting for this very special e-bike tour.

Our two-week adventure begins, not surprisingly, in Tokyo, the vibrant metropolis and capital of Japan. Here, modern and traditional culture meet like nowhere else. This metropolis of 30 million people is an experience in itself, but for us it is also the beginning of a very special journey, on which many things will be foreign to us and therefore all the more fascinating. Everywhere along our route we encounter old traditions of the Empire, travel through magnificent landscapes, marvel at enchanting gardens and experience the hospitality of the people who spoil us with unique culinary delights. Of course, we do not skip the holy mountain of the Japanese, Mount Fuji, and we also do not miss a ride on the famous Shinkansen Express. Thanks to our e-bikes we easily get in touch with people and are always close to the heartbeat of nature. While we are preserving our own heartbeats, thanks to the electric motor, we even conquer the Japanese Alps effortlessly, but still enjoy being pampered in one of the traditional hot springs called Onsen. After 14 days we conclude our journey through time in the historical metropolis Hiroshima and say goodbye to a fascinating country that will remain in our memories for a long time. Attention, Japan can be addictive!

Start/Finish: Tokyo // Hiroshima
Nearest airport: Tokyo / Hiroshima
Duration: 15 days vacation, 13 riding days
Route: mostly side and country roads with little traffic, as well as cycling paths, both paved and unpaved; a few single tracks and technically demanding sections
Accommodations: good typical hotels and motels, also simple inns
Rest day: Tokyo
Highlights: Tokyo with is temples and palaces, The volcano Fuji-San, The castles Matsumoto and Himeji, The Japanese Alps, The gardens of Kanazawa, The traditions of the imperial metropolises Kyoto and Nara, The mystical island Miyajima, The ride in the super fast Shinkansen, The memorial city Hiroshima, and much more
Minimum number of participants: 8
Please note paragraph 6.4. a) of our terms and conditions of travel to find out more about the cancellation of tour through Edelweiss Bike Travel when the minimum number of participants is not reached - Terms and Conditions

Prices start at $ 9.620,-

per person

Included services
15 days vacation
13 day riding route

DAY 1: Arrival in Tokyo
Welcome to Japan, the land of the rising sun. In the afternoon at 4 o'clock the tour guides welcome their group at the starting hotel in Tokyo.
DAY 2: Tokyo
On the first day in Japan, we will take it easy and get used to the Japanese customs. What could be better than an extensive sightseeing tour of then metropolis of Tokyo on foot as well as by e-bike?
DAY 3: Tokyo - Yamanaka Lake
Today is our first real day of riding. We first leave the metropolis of Tokyo by train and then switch to our e-bikes after a short train ride. Steadily we climb through the Fujihakoneizu National Park until we reach Hakone at Lake Ashi after a short time. With a little luck, we can already see the volcano Fuji on the horizon, at the foot of which we will spend the night.
DAY 4: Yamanaka Lake - Matsumoto
Newly invigorated and with the volcano Fuji behind us, we set off for Matsumoto. Once there, we immerse ourselves for the first time in the fascinating world of the Japanese sword nobility. The superbly preserved Matsumoto Castle was the base for the Ogasawara clan during the 14th and 15th centuries and is a must-see for any visitor to Japan.
DAY 5: Matsumoto - Nagano
Nagano is located in the middle of the Japanese Alps and so it is not surprising that we have a strenuous and scenically very varied route ahead of us today. But don't worry, our e-bikes give us strong support and we reach the city of the 1998 Winter Olympics exhilarated and cheerful.
DAY 6: Nagano - Kanazawa
In the morning, we have an exciting train ride ahead of us. We leave Nagano at top speed on the Shinkansen Express and travel to the Sea of Japan. Once there, our e-bikes will be waiting for us. Our destination for the day is Kanazawa with its world famous Kenrokuen Park. This is one of the three perfect gardens of Japan.
DAY 7: Kanazawa - Shirakawa-go
Today we will conquer a region with our e-bikes, which in historical times was difficult to access and mainly rural. The historic UNESCO World Heritage villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama are our destination for the day. These are known for their multi-story thatched houses built in a "hands folded in prayer" style. Standing in front of them, we will see where this name comes from.
DAY 8: Shirakawa-go - Kyoto
The next few days are all about the history and culture of Japan. Which city in Japan would be better suited than Kyoto to explore this. Before we can deal with it, however, we first have to leave the mountainous region. Luckily, we are on the road with e-bikes. Over hill and dale, we head for the nearest train station and look forward to the next three nights, which we will spend in Kyoto. Kyoto was one of the few cities deliberately spared from the bombardments of World War II. As a result, with its 1600 Buddhist temples, 400 Shintō shrines, palaces, and gardens, it is one of the best-preserved cities in Japan and was declared a UNESCO Historic Kyoto World Heritage Site in 1994. It is good that we can spend two full days in Kyoto and experience this fascinating city in all its facets.
DAY 9: Kyoto
DAY 10: Kyoto
DAY 11: Kyoto - Himeji
EIt is time to say goodbye to Kyoto. From now on, we'll be heading steadily west. After a long day of riding on our e-bikes, we reach Osaka Bay and our destination for the day, Himeji, home to one of Japan's oldest structures. Himeji Castle is one of Japan's national cultural treasures and was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1993.
DAY 12: Himeji - Matsuyama
There are not too many bike paths in Japan. Today, however, this is different. With more than 70 km, the Shimanami Kaido is perhaps the most beautiful bike route through Japan. It is like a paradise for those who love cycling. Here, behind the Seto Inland Sea, the route crosses six small islands and seven bridges - including the Kurushima Bridge, which holds the world record as the longest bridge at 4,045 meters. A delight and the cycling highlight of our Japan trip.
DAY 13: Matsuyama - Miyajima
Slowly but surely, our journey through Japan is coming to an end. Still, after yesterday's enjoyment stage, with a smile on our faces, we cross the Seto Inland Sea one more time. Today, however, by ferry. Arriving on Honshu, Japan's main island, we leisurely head north to Miyajima Island and another of Japan's cultural treasures. Everybody knows it, the vermilion entrance gate to the world-famous Itsukushima Shrine, which is completely submerged in water at high tide.
DAY 14: Miyajima - Hiroshima
Our last day of travel in Japan. It is only a stone's throw from Miyajima Island to Hiroshima. We take the ferry and ride the last kilometers of this tour on our e-bikes to probably one of the most historic places in this world, the peace memorial in Hiroshima. A fascinating journey through Japan comes to an end. The stories, pictures, and impressions of this enchanting country, however, will remain in our memories forever.
DAY 15: Departure from Hiroshima
After a sumptuous breakfast, you will start your journey home in a relaxed manner. Sayounara!

Prices start at $ 9.620,-

per person

Included services

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Included services

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