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8GS- Pueblos blancos of Andalucia

Friday, October 21, 2022 | Johanna Reiser / Christoph Haidinger | Edelweiss Bicycle Tours

Day 1: Welcome to Granada!

The Alhambra with the cloud covered Sierra Nevada in the background
Fairytale gardens hidden everywhere
Here Flamenco was born and is still alive!
One of the First Universitys in Europe at Granada centre
First tapas at the the welcome dinner

Day 2: Granada to Antequera

Oh yeah: Start right into buzzing morning Traffic of Granada
View back on the snowcaped Sierra nevada
Kittens on the roof
Antequera in best late daylight

Day 3: Antequera to El Chorro

Goodbye beautiful Hotel Convento Magdalena
Yoram flying downhill
Nationalparc El Torcal ahead
But first there is some serious climb to be done
Magnificent view until Malaga and the mediterranean sea
Unique rock formations
Some go for half of an Animal...
...others get happy with exzellent veggies.
Sweet eggplant fries! Yummi!!!
The breathtaking views along the lonley curvy road are endless
Steep climb in one of the Pueblos blancos we pass

Day 4: El Chorro to Ronda

Power plants at our Hotel
View on the spectacular Caminito del rey
Chris with our Support van catches up with the group
The weather is changed today: more Drama, more smell of the grounds and the plants, more contrasts.
The Mood is apparently as sunny as possible!
Meet and greet with local cyclists
Two pilotes and one drone
Details on the road sides
El Burgo and lunch ahead!
Surprise: there is a local Fiesta ongoing at el Burgo, reenacting the village life at 1840! Typical food for some coins, local product selling, music and traditional dresses everywhere!
Last climb of the day!
Obvioulsy everyone made it -easily!

Day 5: Restdayloop to Setenil

Good morning at our wounderful hotel at Ronda
Setenil is still quite under the early morning sun
Peggy and Mark do not Skip one Single km which can be made on our bikes. Others reach the scenic village by taxi (its a restday thou!)
The canyon itself is these Houses roofs and walls
Flying back towards Ronda, where there is still so much to see and to enjoy!
Maybe a dip into the Pool?
Is there a better picture for how we feel...?

Whilst some people were having a bike ride around Ronda, Bill, Susan and Chris did have a nice walk through the city and watching the local sights.

First of all, the bullfight arena
You can still see the blood in the sand, from this Septembers bullfights...
Going down the old Watermines of Ronda at the Casa del Rey Moro
Finally, we do have our first break, to fuel up
At the top of Rondas church, we had an amazing view

Day 6: Ronda to Grazalema

Sunscreen stop
More Pueblos blancos ahead!
Cork oak haverest traces along the road
Is there someone behind the fence...?!
Ayelen and Peggy at the Azahara mirador
Quick stop'n'shop at the old oil press factory along the road
Amazing views climbing up to puerto de las palomas
Susan and Bill close to the top
El Chefe is waiting with a delicious Picnic on 1.200 HM
Is anyone worried because of the dark clouds coming closer...?
We catched some Drops shooting down into the valley but at Grazalema its dry and almost sunny again
Some seem to not having had enough exercise today! Bill proofs that its a playful soul which keeps us young and happy
Detail of a fountain at Grazalema
Motorbiker traditions are most welcome today: cheers with bootbeer!

Day 7: Grazalema to Arcos de la Frontera

The tourguide Starts with the herd...
...ah no, here they go!
Sierra della Grazalema
Another surprise picnic- there is worse than a closed lunch place (if your Van driver likes you!)
Nature's masterpices
Is the speedlimit valid for superman?!
What a beauty ahead! Our destination attracts us from far
Susan in Charge for the Andalusia flag
Hotel terrace view

Day 8: Arcos to Jerez de la Frontera

Take-off for the last riding day through the narrow streets of Arcos
Sherry tasting
The Cycling book club
Fare well aperitivo
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Monday, October 17, 2022 at 20:48

Beautiful pictures and impressions from a special area. Looks like you have a wonderful time. Regards to Peggy and Mark. Enjoy beautiful Spain.
Mark Bley
Tuesday, October 18, 2022 at 06:23

We are having a great time, better than we thought. The area is beautiful. Johanna and Chris are fantastic guides, though we did expect to ride with you, Ursula. Next time.
Friday, October 14, 2022 at 10:32

Qué chulo! Looking good!!
Friday, October 14, 2022 at 10:05

Enjoy your tour guys

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