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The difference of an Edelweiss E-Bike Tour

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 | Stephan Weckschmied | Edelweiss Bicycle Tours

Together with our guests we have been exploring the world on two wheels since 1980. Our goal ist it to provide our guests with an adventure they will never forget. This is why we are constantly looking for inspiring places, wonderful roads and trails as well as culinary highlights. 

We want you to be able to relax and enjoy your vacation. How we make this happen? We provide you with excellent customer service. Here we will explain what this service looks like.  

Enjoy the freedom of riding an E-bike

Our services

1) All overnights during your trip

During an E-Bike Trip with Edelweiss you will spend your nights in special, carefully chosen hotels. Our trip designers are planning the routes in a way that you stay in exquisite, traditional and, if possbile, owner-managed accommodation. During the first day of your vacation we will stay in a hotel that is in the city center so your commute from the airport/station will be quick and easy. 

2) Delicious and healthy food every day

E-Bike journeys with Edelweiss is enjoyment travel. According to this theme we assure that you will wait for the next breakfast, dinner desperately. Enjoy local cuisine and let your mind wander.

Anticipation is the best joy – right? Our tour guides will inform you every day what dishes are to choose from for dinner. Since everybody has different preferences when it comes to drinks we will leave those to you.


During the day the transport van will provide us with drinks and snacks so we will never run out of energy. 

3) Tour guides that will know your thoughts before you know them


Our two tour guides will take care of your needs 24/7. These travel experts are the main key for your unforgettable travel experience: The multilingual tour guides are known for their professionalism, their friendliness and their enthusiasm. We select our tour guides very carefully and the training is by no means easy - preparatory courses, practical trainings are necessary until we let someone guide an Edelweiss E-Bike tour.


One tour guide will accompany you on the E-Bike. He will provide you with background information about the area you are riding in. The other one will drive the van and will support the group when necessary. If you have any questions about the tour the tour guides will be there for you to help. 

 4) A support vehicle that is always on hand

On all Edelweiss Tours you will ride luggage-free. Our support van will not only transport your bags to the next hotel, he will also provide us with charged batteries in case ours has gone low. When you feel tired and you don't want to ride your E-Bike anymore our support van will turn into an escort vehicle. We will put your bicycle in the back and you can relax while watching the landscape from the passenger seat. 

5) Preparation that will turn you into a travel expert

Are you curious? Approximately 6 weeks before your tour starts, you will receive a travel information package. This includes detailed information about the highlights along the route, descriptions of accommodations and many other relevant information about the trip. This well prepared tour information package will turn you into a travel expert.

6) No hidden costs

Not just the shuttle to the airport / train station on the last day is included - on Edelweiss E-Bike Tours all transports, entry fees into museums (see respective tour itinerary) and visitor's taxes are included in the tour price. There are no hidden costs for you. 

For all included services and activities, please see the detailled tour itinerary.

7) Travel carefree with Edelweiss' "COVER ALL" insurance

A Edelweiss E-Bike trip is above all worry-free. Beside the careful travel preparation and the best service from our tour guides, you are fully insured. Our "Cover All" insurance covers any damage Edelweiss equipment like the bikes, GPS navigation devices, helmets or transport bags on the bikes.


8) Safety first

We have recognized that the single most important aspect of guided tour is the safe ride. For that reason, our tour guides prepare and inform you about the difficulties and special characteristics of a tour during a Safety Briefing.


Furthermore Edelweiss will equip you with a cycling helmet so you have don't need to worry bringing your own helmet on the air plane or train.

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Marlene Roth
Saturday, April 8, 2017 at 18:47

Da ich die Qualität von Edelweiss Bike Reisen kenne und schätze freue ich mich sehr auf die e-bike Touren.

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