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Southern Tuskany for Gina and Aaron

Montag, 23. Mai 2022 | Johanna Reiser | Edelweiss Bicycle Tours

Day 7: Citta della Pieve to Orvieto

Rocca Ripesena
Very special farewell dinner

Day 6: Pienza to Citta della Pieve

Postcard pictures at Pienza under morning sun
The "White whale" hidden in the woods
The sulforic water is healing every inch of the cyclists bodies within seconds. But because the water is warm and soft they remain in there for quite a while...
Picinic time at Radicofani!

Day 5: Heroic day from Siena to Pienza

Bagni Vignoni
Bootbeers are most welcome today!

Day 4: San Gimignano to Siena

Shady rest under olive trees
Lunch at Monteriggioni
Sundown Siena view from our hotel

Day 3: Castellina to San Gimignano

We thought no one would need breakfast After THAT DINNER but when its served in such a place Who could resist?!
We stay in the Chianti region, our evening Destination is visible at the bright morning horizon
Sometimes everything is like you immagine things to be like...
San Gimigniano ahead!
But before the city stroll a jump into the refreshing cold pool of our Hotel is on the schedule

Day 2: Through the Chianti region

Ready for wineyards, olivetrees and curvy roads towards excellent views and delicious food!
First Stop at Greve: the remarkable old village Center square is covered with roses and many other flowers as a plant market is going on
View from the lunch stop
The Hotel at castellina isn't hard to find...
Time to charge batteries for everyone!
Fokus is on the Pizza. One out of 4 courses. Maybe the biggest challange of the day...

Day 1: Fearless through Florence

Florence in may: colorful even the Ponte vecchio at Arno river side
The bikes waiting for their riders
It was not planned to immediately hop on the bike! But Gina and Aaron can't wait until tomorrow so we cycle up Bagno Ripoli. Italian downtown traffic is scary to some but sure not to these two!
View upon all Florence from Piazzale Michelangelo, to our sides millions of Lilly flowers
The Masterplan for the next days is set


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Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2022 um 08:37

Looking gooooood!
Haave Fun!

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