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8IV - Innsbruck - Verona - Via Claudia Augusta

Dienstag, 2. Juli 2019 | Ursula Peter / Pablo Piferrer | Edelweiss Bicycle Tours

Good bye family!  We hope we can leave you alone the next 3 days in Verona and you`ll not doing too much roadies and black and stormies .

Have a good time in France and a safe flight back home.  Thanks for a fantastic week.

Ursula and Pablo


Day 8: Sant`Ambrogio - Verona

After our opera night yesterday we slept in a bit and left Sant`Ambrogio later. It was as hot as the days before, but it seemed to get somehow used to it.

We cannot leave the Valpolicella without having visited Villa Rizzardi in Negrar.Of course we got a wine tasting and explanation about olive oil, agrumi and the famous Amarone. Because of a wedding we couldn`t visit the garden.

Finally we reached the Adige again which led us into Verona. 

We made it.... nearly 500 km, 2 countires, uncountable cappuccinos and lots of new impressions and experiences.

the park of our hotel
Villa Rizzardi
she gave us an explanation about Amarone, Agrumi and the Valpolicella
at the coffee stop we run into a wedding
we made it
the Duomo in Verona

Day 7: Riva - Sant`Ambrogio (Valpolicella)

Adventure Day!! A ferry - a gondola - an opera!

After having had a swim in Lake Garda we loaded our bikes on the ferry - criss-crossed on Lake Garda between Torbole-Limone and Malcesine. 

Malcesine is an old town, worth to stroll around a bit and enjoying some pizza at the lake. Than we loaded our bikes into the gondola which brought us up 1.750 m high above the lake on top of Monte Baldo. What a view! We are flying down on the other side in the Valpolicella area. Villa Quaranto Tommasi, our hotel for tonight, is a seventeen-century villa wine hotel and spa in the countryside close to Verona.

And last not least James organized tickets for the opera in the arena of Verona! What a day!

good bye Riva

nice brise, beautiful view to the surrounding mountains and little villages

Limone on the western side
Malcesine and the old Scaliger castle
our paparazzi
1.750m high on the Monte Baldo
a early dinner at the Villa Tommasi - and in the van we hopped for the opera in Verona
what an experience! Thank you James for organizing the tickets.
La Traviata from Verdi was performed

Day 6: Trento - Riva

We leave the Dolomites behind us and dive into the Mediterranean landscape of Lake Garda. Palm trees, sun, and water - a place to feel good. 

But there are 50 km to cycle and it is hot, hot, hot - 34 C in the morning, no shade on most of the parts on the Etsch cycling path - we were cooking.

But all are in a good shape and a shuttle was out of question.

bottle refill on one of the fountains in Trento
bike storage the Italian way

Day 5: Bolzano - Trento

Vineyards are now replacing the apple orchards. Wine as far as the eye can see, century-old cultures. The mountain valley opens up as we reach Trentino. The river Etsch guides us southwards. The Dolomites are framing the whole scenery. The landscape is extremely beautiful and attracts tourist in winter as well as in summer.

Also this are belonged before WW I to Austria and a lot of traditions date back in this aera. Italian is the official language, but in some side valleys Ladin is still spoken, as well as some old dialects like Zimbrisch and Mochenisch were kept alive.

Happy TJ (TT)
Most of the time people pass by Trento on their way south. We will stay overnight and have enough time for all the treasures the city has to offer: Piazza del Duomo, the medieval castle and all the palazzi with their fresco paintings.
the duomo inside
Villa Madruzzo - a former summer residence of one of the nobel families of Trento
Villa Madruzzo above Trento

Day 4: Glurns - Bolzano

We are in Italy. The locals would say: we are in Southern Tyrol. The whole area belonged to Austria until WW I. You can feel in eveywhere, History and the wars had a strong influence to the people until today. 

The Vinschgau welcomes us with endless apple orchards, framed by the glaciers of the Ortler. 

A stone quarry stands out featuring the finest white Italian marble - the Laaser marble is world famous. A lot of little, charming villages are along our way. 

Bozen - the mediterranean, the medieval, the important trading post on the Via Claudia, the modern  - the adjectives are endless - is our destination for today. And the Rosegarden massiv is framing the city.


In the Northern region of the Ortler is a 500-kilometer-wide marble vein called the "white gold" of Vinschgau. Already in ancient times the hard, resistant Laas marble was used for the milestones of the Via Claudia Augusta. In modern times it is a popular material for church building and sculpture. The high-quality natural building material is appreciated for prestige buildings. For example, for the subway station at Ground Zero.
this is the land of the best cappuccionos
yummeeh picnic, beautifully prepared by Ursula. It was amazing!
With this summer heat, relaxing in the shade with an Ice-cream is just what we needed!

Day 3: Kronburg - Glurns

We leave this meditative place and roll back down to the Inn. We follow the Inn valley further south and cross the Reschen alpine ridge. The Reschenpass used to be part of the Roman Road Via Claudia Augusta and one of the most important North-South connections in the Alps. You will be stunned by the Reschen lake, which ‘grows’ a church tower right in the middle of the lake. It is downhill from here on. Italy is calling! Cycling along the crystal blue lake we arrive in Vinschgau and in Italy's smallest town called Glurns. Medieval flair surrounds us and we enjoy the first Italian red wine or Cappuccino.

the Kronburg - what a special place
they have climbed the fortress already
quite a spectacular way leads you down to the Inn valley again. You should brreak carefully
the Inn is very powerful at the moment
the girls...
and the boys
it is hot today and a fountain is good for refreshing and splashing...
we are in Italy now
along the Reschen lake
the clock tower from the former village Graun
the piazza in Glurns with our hotel

Many may ask: What is the Via Claudia? What is so special?

The Roman Empire sprawled from England in the North to North Africa in the South, from Spain in the West to Syria and Jordan in the East. It is hard to grasp the dimension of such an Empire with our knowledge of the world today, our means of communication our lifestyle and mobility. Communication was very important 2000 years ago and so the Romans built roads to connect the provinces, to exchange messages, to trade and also for warfare.  So come and see what the road is like today....


Day 2: Innsbruck - Kronburg

From here we will climb up to the "Mieminger Sonnenplateau". The "Stöttlalm" is a must and a good example of Austrian cuisine. Schlutzkrapfen, Tiroler Gröstl, Apfelstrudel oder Kaiserschmarren and this unpronounceable "Apfelsaftschorle" are on the menue and provide the necessary power to continue.

Ruth from the office joined us, she is the one who booked all the lovely hotels and organised the tour

at the river Inn
From here we will climb up to the "Mieminger Sonnenplateau". The "Stöttlalm" is a must and a good example of Austrian cuisine. Schlutzkrapfen, Tiroler Gröstl, Apfelstrudel oder Kaiserschmarren and this unpronounceable "Apfelsaftschorle" are on the menue and provide the necessary power to continue.
the Stöttlalm
along the way
on the way down to Gurgl valley we said hello to Chiara. She is living at a great spot
Wow - we really have to go up there? I maybe need the turbo mode
Up there is the "Kronburg" - a nunery with awesome food, awesome views and a very special atmosphere

Day 1: Start in Innsbruck

After the welcome briefing we did a walk through lovely Innsbruck.

In medieval Tyrol, its capital, Innsbruck played an important role in Europe’s history. The "Golden Roof" and the houses of the very attractive historic center are witnesses of this era. Over the last several decades, Innsbruck gained fame by hosting the Winter Olympic Games in 1964 and 1976.

Welcome map by “Picasso”
TG Ursula giving a passionate highlight explanation
The breathtaking scenery

the "Golden Dachl"

some locals
Not just golden roofs, but also, the locals
The food
The great company


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Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2019 um 07:22

Looking good on your E-Bikes! We're getting slowly towards Sydney temps now
Have fun!
Ursula Peter
Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2019 um 06:52

Hi Chiara,
the group says hello. Yes, it is brutal, but is a tough group used to temps like that. For today 40 C are forecasted.
have a cool day
Montag, 24. Juni 2019 um 23:55

Hi Ursula, Ruth and James,

You look fantastic in your outfit!!!
And what a great scenery you are riding through! I love the Kronburg

A very nice blog with great pictures!

James, how nice to see you cycling here in the Alps! Enjoy the tour.

Warm regards to all of you from the St. James Way tour in Spain, Angela
James Duncan
Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2019 um 09:18

Angela, lovely to see your comment
Really enjoying this ebike tour with Ursula and Pablo.
Last week was also fun in the Pyrenees with Pierre.
Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2019 um 07:31

Hi Angela,
It is a beautiful part of this world and a wonderful tour. We doing between 70 - 90 km a day and getting better and better. Nice rest places along the river, a refreshment in the water now and than and a cappuccino - life is good. Hope to see you soon.
LG Ursula

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