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What to take with you on an E-bike trip!

Mittwoch, 29. Mai 2019 | Chiara Van Doorn | Edelweiss Bicycle Tours

What to take with you on an E-bike trip!



"Never get lost"

Exploring new areas and roads can sometimes become tricky as the roadmap doesn't show all roads you cross.

With a GPS mounted to your steering wheel, you will know exactly where you are and will always be able to find your way back! While being on tour with Edelweiss Bike Travel, it's almost impossible to get lost, as of course our tourguides know where they're going. We also provide multiple GPS for our cyclist, so they can try for themselves.



"Take a sip"

Going out on a warm and sunny day? Never forget your water bottle, one of the most important things is to always stay hydrated! Our E-Bikes are all equipped with bottle mounts,which are mounted on the steering wheel. You can keep your eyes on the road the whole time while taking a sip and never be thirsty.



"Safety first"

Nowadays almost everyone carries a smartphone and as we all know, using a smartphone while driving, riding or cycling isn't the best idea. If you know you are having a hard time leaving your smartphone in your pocket while cycling, download one of the  "lock your smartphone" Apps to prevent yourself from grabbing your smartphone while cycling. Stay safe!



There is no bad weatheronly bad clothes!”

Although we do prefer nice and sunny weather, it can always happen you find yourself cycling while the rain is pouring down. Make sure you always keep an extra set of clothing in one of your bags so you will never find yourself soaking wet! Make sure you have a good quality rainjacket and rain pants. Don't want to get soaky feet, there are plenty of overshoes on the market, you can even find waterproof socks. Finally I would say, nothing worse than cycling while your hands are freezen, make sure you always carry warm and waterproof gloves with you.





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